Rian Johnson talks Looper, The Terminator, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt becoming Bruce Willis


We've shared the few scant details known about LOOPER as soon they became available. You know we're excited. So I won't spend time dwelling on that fact (also because thinking about the September 28th release date will just depress me), and instead I'll cut straight to the chase with a plot recap followed by some nice little insights shared by Rian Johnson today:

"A present-day killer (Gordon-Levitt) works for the mob of the future. He, along with other so-called "Loopers", dispose of people sent from the future to eliminate evidence of a crime. When he recognizes one victim (Bruce Willis) as his future self, he hesitates, letting the man escape."

Johnson's thoughts on JGL's performance and "playing" Bruce Willis:

"To bring the premise to life, Gordon-Levitt had to look (and act) like Bruce Willis... and that meant spending three hours a day in the makeup chair.  'That was really scary because you commit to that and there's no real way out of it,' said 'Looper' writer-director Rian Johnson of using practical prosthetics to make one actor look more like the other. 'But the biggest thing is Joe's performance, he's really doing Bruce in a big and daring way, but he strikes a balance between obviously imitating Bruce and also building this organic performance.'"

The TERMINATOR connection:

"If you just tell somebody the plot, you're inevitably telling them the time travel stuff, but the movie actually uses that as a set-up. The best parallel I can draw is to the first 'Terminator' movie where time travel is used to set up this impossible situation between these people and then that situation plays itself out."

Extra Tidbit: Johnson also said in the same article: ""Time travel just never makes sense." Does that ring true to you?



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