Ridley Scott to begin production on Prometheus 2 in January 2016

As Ridley Scott has been busy of the last few years with films like EXODUS: GODS AND KINGS and the upcoming THE MARTIAN, things have been quiet regarding PROMETHEUS 2. We know that the sequel was greenlit but not much else has been cemented. Muchael Green was brought in to redraft the script penned by Jack Paglen, but the previously announced release date of March 4, 2016 seemed impossible.

The latest issue of Total Film seems to clear up some logistics by stating that production on PROMETHEUS 2 is now scheduled to begin in January 2016. That likely means that we will not see the finished movie until late next year or, more likely, early 2017.

Both Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender are returning for PROMETHEUS 2. Damon Lindelof, the punching bag of fanboys across the Internet, is not returning beyond a producer capacity. Director Ridley Scott has also confirmed that we will not see any of the xenomorphs populating the sequel. Seeing as Neill Blomkamp is entering production on his new ALIEN film, we could be seeing multiple entries in this expanding franchise over the course of less than two years.

I loved PROMETHEUS, warts and all, and hope the sequel takes us in a totally different direction that goes away from the ALIEN mythology and expands the brilliant fictional universe Scott himself helped create.

Source: Scified



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