Rob Schneider?

Things were going pretty well for a while for Rob Schneider. While he was never the star of a breakout hit, he had a string of movies that were at least doing okay including THE HOT CHICK, DEUCE BIGALOW, BENCHWARMERS and THE ANIMAL. But lately it seems as if things aren't go so well for the former you can do it! guy. His own films are going direct-to-DVD (BIG STAN) and now he's co-starring in indie sex comedies with the likes of Jenna Dewan, seen to the right doing her best to contain her own bosom. VIRGIN ON BOURBON STREET will star Dewan (STEP UP) as a college virgin threatened by a night of debauchery in New Orleans. It's unclear where or how Rob Schneider fits into the mix but for Rob's sake, I hope it's only a cameo. Filming begins this week in Detroit (a perfect stand-in for New Orleans!) with Clare Kilner (THE WEDDING DATE) directing. Schneider can be seen next in...well, nothing really.

Extra Tidbit: Dewan is engaged to Channing Tatum, upcoming star of GI JOE.
Source: THR



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