Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi & Matthew Vaughn on shortlist to direct The Flash

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Who will be the next director to depart THE FLASH due to creative differences? It could very well be Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi or Matthew Vaughn as each of the three directors seem to be on Warner Bros.'s shortlist to direct the DCEU film. It's been a long road getting THE FLASH off the ground and it's beginning to feel as though the film just doesn't want to be made. Seth Grahame-Smith was originally on-board to write and direct THE FLASH, but he soon exited the project and was replaced by Rick Famuyiwa, who also wound up leaving after disagreeing with the studio in regards to where to take the story. Warner Bros. is going to need a director soon if THE FLASH is ever going to get moving.

Last month it was rumoured that Robert Zemeckis had had a meeting with the studio about directing THE FLASH, and although it seemed that his upcoming fantasy drama with Steve Carell would keep him out of the running, it seems that the ALLIED director is still a possibility as Warner Bros. may be willing to wait for him. The Wrap has claimed that Robert Zemeckis is the current front-runner for the role, but it appears that he's not alone. Variety adds that Matthew Vaughn is also in the mix, but that he's eager to begin work on a third KINGSMAN film which could prove to be a stumbling block. While Vaughn did show interest in the gig after meeting with Warner Bros., Variety says that he "may have also been using the project as leverage to get the green light from Fox on another installment in the “Kingsman” franchise." Finally, THR says that Sam Raimi has reportedly met with the studio about taking on THE FLASH as well and that all three directors are very strong contenders. That's fine, just pick someone!

At this point, who knows what's going to happen with THE FLASH. Either Robert Zemeckis, Sam Raimi or Matthew Vaughn could end up at the helm of the film, but it could just as easily be someone else. Here's hoping that Ezra Miller has plenty to do in Zack Snyder's JUSTICE LEAGUE on November 17, 2017 as it may be some time before we actually get to the Scarlet Speedster in his own standalone adventure.

Which director would you most like to see tackle THE FLASH?

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