Robin Wright joins Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling for Blade Runner 2

Blade Runner 2 banner

Thanks to Netflix's House of Cards, Robin Wright has emerged as one of the most powerful presences on TV. It looks like she's going to carry that back over to cinema, as not only has she taken part in the solo WONDER WOMAN movie, but she's signing up for BLADE RUNNER 2. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Wright is in final negotiations to star alongside Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling in the Ridley Scott-produced sequel. Details are still scarce as far as the story goes, except that it will take place decades after the original story.

Robin Wright has always been a solid actress, but I think she's really coming into her own as a strong female lead. There's not a lot of people that can stand toe to toe with Kevin Spacey, but she proved to be the perfect casting choice for House of Cards, and I can't wait to see how Denis Villeneuve will utilize her for BLADE RUNNER 2.

The UNTITLED BLADE RUNNER SEQUEL will open in theaters on January 12, 2018.

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