Rumor: Are the Wachowskis writing more Matrix films?

Can you believe it’s been 10 years since MATRIX REVOLUTIONS? I was obsessed with those films. My dad and I went to see each of them at theater when they came out. I remember when I saw the first one, and my mind was completely blown. I felt like had actually taken the red pill, talking about all these crazy theories afterwards. Needless to say, I enjoyed the trilogy. One of the best in the sci-fi genre. Also, I may or may not have wanted to be Trinity...

What if I told you that another one was on the way? Yes, another MATRIX trilogy but this time, prequels.

Let’s slap big fat rumor on this one for starters. The guys over at Latino Review seem to have it on good authority that the Wachowskis are already working on a whole new set up within the world of the Matrix. The siblings have had a long time relationship with Warner Brothers, but the studio needs a franchise they think can stand toe to toe with the new STAR WARS and AVATAR flicks.

The site had no details to offer on a story, as it is in “very early development” but they did mention a previous outline with the birth of the Matrix at its center. There’s also the tiny fact that the Architect did mention that Neo wasn’t the first “One”.

Again, take with a huge grain of salt. While I could see something like this happening as part of a strategic move, I’m not inclined to hold my breath on it.

Source: Latino Review



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