Rumor: Netflix and Drew Goddard want Michael C. Hall to play Daredevil

As Drew Goddard's DAREDEVIL series gets closer to production, we still have not yet learned who will be playing the Man Without Fear. Netflix and Marvel, to keep production budget down, could cast an unknown in the lead role, but that may also prohibit the eventual crossover potential for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With that in mind, this rumor sounds pretty spot on. But keep in mind the word rumor as there is very little to substantiate this. Still, it is an intriguing prospect worth discussion.

The Comic Book Cast podcast explained their thoughts on the rumor that Drew Goddard and Netflix are eyeing DEXTER star Michael C. Hall for the role of Matt Murdoch on the series. The rumor first surfaced on the Marvel Cinematic Universe Facebook page from a source claiming to be close to the production.

While this is far from being confirmed, it is an interesting choice. Hall built a fanbase from his runs on SIX FEET UNDER and DEXTER and is fully capable of playing both dark and intense. At 43, Hall may be a bit old to headline a superhero series, but I wouldn't be opposed to dropping right into the middle of a DAREDEVIL in his prime rather than doing another origin story.

Whether this pans out or not, it is definitely an intriguing choice that I wouldn't rule out. DAREDEVIL is likely to premiere later this year on Netflix.

Source: Comic Book Cast



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