Rumor: Spielberg may be interested in directing Chris Pratt in Indiana Jones

steven spielberg indiana jones reboot

Last month it was reported that Disney was eyeing Chris Pratt to take over the whip and satchel as Indiana Jones. It's always never a positive response when a beloved franchise is gearing up for reboot, but I think it's safe to say the majority of our readers were hip to the news. Rumors are spreading tonight that, assuming he’s satisfied with the script, Steven Spielberg would want to direct the new film. This is great news (if and when it's official, obviously) considering he directed Harrison Ford in all the previous installments.

The film is still in the very early stages of course, and so rumors like this should not be taken seriously at this point (put the phone down). It’s too early to say what will happen as there isn’t even a script yet but it’s a pretty awesome prospect though don’t you think? Deadline reported the news, which makes for one heck of a headline before the weekend. It at least makes people consider ideas for who might take up the director’s chair for such an important film. Pratt is the hottest actor working right now and was even Spielberg’s choice to be the star of JURASSIC WORLD. Let’s hope they go the way of The Force Awakens for Indy’s next movie and don’t rely so much on CG effects like last time.

Is it time for someone new blood to have a chance at an Indiana Jones adventure or would you like to see Steven Spielberg right some of the wrongs from INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL?

Source: Deadline



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