Rumor Time: Stranger Things star David Harbour eyed for Cable in Deadpool 2

The saga of who will play Cable in DEADPOOL 2 is a long and sordid one…not unlike the convoluted-as-f*ck backstory of the character himself. So has FOX finally settled this, thus giving Deadpool the Murtaugh to his crazy-ass Riggs?

Sadly, no. However, another name has been dropped into the rumor mill, and hopefully this one will come out unmushed on the other side. And that name is…(drum roll please)…David Harbour! While admittedly not a household name, you might remember him from  STRANGER THINGS as Chief Jim Hopper (or Amanda Waller’s toadie in SUICIDE SQUAD).

Anyway, a source for The Wrap has revealed to them that Harbour was indeed screen-tested for the role; although, neither Harbour’s reps or FOX have commented on it. So take this with a HUGE grain of salt for now. And, personally, I’m still rooting for Keira Knightley.

But what about you Schmoes? How would you feel if Harbour actually got the role? Sound off below (and if not, give out who you think would be best?)

Either way, DEADPOOL 2 is still set to kick ass, take names, and never shut up sometime in 2018.

Extra Tidbit: Cable is the future son of an alternate history Cyclops and Jean Grey, but then – you know what? It gets convoluted and stupid really fast.
Source: The Wrap



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