Famke Janssen says “You never know” on returning to the role of X-Men’s Jean Grey

While Famke Janssen saw a welcomed short return in Days of Future Past, many wonder if she would also be willing to appear in the MCU.

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The big trailer drop this week finally showed some of Hugh Jackman in action as Logan in the much-anticipated superhero film of the summer, Deadpool & Wolverine. Fans marveled (pun intended) at finally seeing Jackman don the iconic yellow suit from the comics that has been put aside for every movie adaptation in favor of black leather. Eagle-eyed viewers also caught some surprising appearances of additional characters from the X-Men film universe in a quick shot from the trailer. This just adds fuel to the fire of fan speculation on who might make cameos in the fourth-wall-breaking sequel.

As Marvel Studios continues to explore multiverses and even work in some actors from past roles, such as Kelsey Grammer’s return as Beast in a post-credits scene from The Marvels, fans are curious if any of the fan favorites of established franchises are also willing to return. Deadline reports that Famke Janssen recently addressed this question. Janssen spoke with ComicBook.com when she was asked if she’d ever be reprising her turn as Jean Grey for any upcoming MCU project. Janssen replied, “I don’t know. I mean, I didn’t expect to come back after dying as Jean Grey. I came back as the Phoenix [The Last Stand], and I came back in flashback scenes in The Wolverine, and then in Days of Future Past.”

The former evil Bond girl also added that the additional appearances of Jean Grey in the later X-Men movies “were all surprises that I never anticipated.” While it is a long shot that she spill some beans about possibly showing up in Deadpool & Wolverine, she was still inquired about it and responded with, “I don’t know. I doubt it, but you never know.” Meanwhile, Janssen can be seen in the upcoming Boy Kills World as an evil dystopian ruler named Hilda van der Koy. Our own Chris Bumbray just released his review of the film, saying, “Overall, I had a total blast with this demented actioner. Hopefully this finds a theatrical audience, as it really is a great time on the big screen. I had a blast.” Read his full review HERE.

Source: Deadline

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