Ryan Reynolds teases the X-Men in this poster for Deadpool Number Two

Deadpool banner

UPDATE: To clarify, this is fan art that Reynolds is sharing, not official goods.

It might seem a little premature to start promotion for a film that's not going to hit theaters for another 2 years, but if the creative marketing force behind DEADPOOL has proven anything, it's that they don't follow the rules. Just today, Ryan Reynolds uploaded a teaser poster for DEADPOOL NUMBER TWO with a few words to go along with it! Take a look!

Deadpool Number Two teaser poster

Ahhhhh, mutant101. Isn't this a felony?

There's a lot of interesting tidbits in this poster, the first of which is the title. Will that be the official title of the sequel, or is it just taking advantage of its bathroom surroundings? Also, we should probably take into account the fact he's poking fun at Wolverine and Prof. X. Now, it could be just that, "poking fun", but is it possible that they have a part to play in the film's story? Finally, it looks like we can expect the sequel in 2018, as the bottom of the poster states. In the meantime, it looks like the start of another fun marketing campaign!

DEADPOOL NUMBER TWO will hit theaters sometime in 2018.

Source: Instagram



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