Sacha Baron Cohen has Cheney sign a waterboarding kit in tease for new show

Last week we got a surprise tease for a new project by actor/comedian/controversy wildfire Sacha Baron Cohen, with more news following it that said the project would be a new show with Showtime. There’s still a lot of mystery surrounding whatever the show is, but we now have a much better sense of what Cohen has in store as a new tease has come out showing Cohen asking former vice president Dick Cheney to sign his waterboarding kit.

The 22-second tease was posted on Twitter by Cohen, with words at the top saying, “Imagine if Sacha Baron Cohen had been undercover secretly filming a new show for a year.” What follows is a quick series of images, followed by Cohen (off camera) asking Cheney to sign his “waterboard,” with Cheney accepting because of course he did.

We reported last week that the show was apparently in the style of Cohen’s DA ALI G SHOW, which came with several short videos from Showtime teasing the show’s premiere date of July 15. Word is the show will be called WHO IS AMERICA? (via IndieWire) and will feature the actor doing interviews in disguise. This one he did for Cheney sounds like his Borat character and even a bit like Admiral General Aladeen from THE DICTATOR. 

The show airs this Sunday, July 15 on Showtime, and I can imagine we will get several more teases for it in the meantime. This video proves I have no idea what to expect from Cohen here. The man pulls no punches, and here he really seems to be going for the throat in a show that will be hilarious and shocking. He made Cheney sign a waterboarding kit! 



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