Sam Rockwell talks Cowboys & Aliens and flying with Harrison Ford

He wasn't exactly prominent in the teaser trailer (below), but Sam Rockwell will be riding the range and drawing iron on extraterrestrials in this summer's potential blockbuster COWBOYS & ALIENS.

Shortlist recently chatted with the actor about his drama CONVICTION and covered a variety of other topics, including his work in commercials and the private investigation field, but inevitably the MOON multiple got around to discussing Jon Favreau's big-budget mashup. And Rockwell is feeling good about it:

"Let me tell you, this is going to be a fun movie. I think we pulled it off; it’s a mix of genres. I think because of the title people think it’s a comedy, and it’s not — it’s like UNFORGIVEN meets CLOSE ENCOUNTERS."

"I don’t think it’s really been done before, the only thing I liken it to is a movie like FROM DUSK TIL DAWN — it seems all very ‘cops and robbers’ and all of a sudden there’s vampires. It’s like that, in that you have a very formulaic western and then all of a sudden there are monsters. It’s played very real."

Rockwell also took to the skies with his COWBOYS co-star Harrison Ford:

"He’s amazing. He flew us in his helicopter. Han Solo flying us around. He’s a great pilot — those air traffic control guys know exactly who they’re talking to. He’s as cool as a cucumber."

Extra Tidbit: Rockwell's great in pretty much anything, but I don't think he gets enough love for CONFESSIONS OF A DANGEROUS MIND. Great little movie.
Source: Shortlist



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