See how Russell Crowe's kindness to a kid 13 years ago led to a reunion with the new Man of Steel

Back in 2000, Russell Crowe filmed a movie with Meg Ryan titled PROOF OF LIFE. The film was modestly successful and is mostly remembered as where Ryan and Crowe began an affair that would be tabloid fodder for months and lead to the actress divorcing Dennis Quaid. But, an interesting new story has arisen and it will now be remembered as the movie where Crowe first met Henry Cavill and helped send him on his way to becoming the MAN OF STEEL.

This video from Access Hollywood has Cavill and Crowe recounting how the GLADIATOR actor met an extra on set in England which led to a passing kindness from an industry veteran to a young man who wanted to become an actor. There is genuine affection in both men's voices as they talk about the moment and how Crowe remembered the teenage boy was now playing his son in this blockbuster movie.

I love stories like this. It is definitely interesting since Russell Crowe has not always had a reputation as a good guy. Crowe has a history of brawling and issues with papparazzi so hearing he truly changed Henry Cavill's life is an affirming story that should bring a smile to any movie fan's face.

MAN OF STEEL should invigorate Crowe's career and launch Cavill to new levels of success. It opens everywhere on June 14, 2013.



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