Set Visit: Fast & Furious

There is nothing like spending a night in the Caltrans Central Regional Maintenance Yard in Los Angeles. The freeways above scream of cars and trucks, while I sat underneath the extended ramps that swooped down into the streets of LA. All the while surrounded by a sea of cameras, crew and cars. It was one of the most exciting scenes I’ve witnessed in person in all my years at JoBlo. I was on the set of FAST AND FURIOUS, the latest chapter in Universal’s surprise hit franchise. On the night we were invited to see what kind of fast and what kind of furious the new film had to offer, we were offered a cool new way to cover a set visit: VIDEO!

I learned a ton as the night progressed. I learned that Paul Walker is a pretty awesome fellow to talk with. I also learned that every set visit should be handled this way. It was pretty freaking cool to see a true to life action set piece play out, and luckily, Universal was kind enough to send some footage our way so we can share it with you.

The scene in question involves a stand off between some baddies who Vin and Paul are deep undercover with. The boys are able to take something that belongs to them and use it to catch a really big fish. But trades never go the way they should, at least in Hollywood, and a handful of FBI agents are run down like bowling pins. And about twelve seconds into our footage, you can see a piece of what we witnessed in person. I can honestly say that I had a great time watching something like this. To see how precise and delicately each stunt must be dealt with in order to make it seem exciting and real. And of course, nobody got hurt, and the cast and the crew were incredibly professional in their attempt to create a pretty bad ass sequence. I was impressed.

Afterward, we got to sit down with Paul Walker and some of the new names involved including Laz Alonso, John Ortiz and Gale Gadot. Between us, we spoke about the continuation of the franchise and since Laz was in LEPRECHAUN: BACK TO THA HOOD, we talked about who is tougher, Vin Diesel or the little green Leprechaun. I’m guessing Vin could destroy that nasty green pest.

Of course, generally when we cover a set visit, you get to read all about it. But thanks to my buddy Lindsey at Universal, you can see some of what happened that night for yourself. The footage includes my interviews with the cast, behind the scenes footage and a couple of scenes to whet your appetite if you are a fan. Either way, you’ll probably be hearing quite a bit about FAST AND FURIOUS as it revs up and hit’s the streets on April 3rd. And when the time comes I’ll give my two cents on the flick… but you’ll have to wait for that…

Click to watch our report from the set of FAST AND FURIOUS!

Source: JoBlo.com



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