Seth Rogen's cancer comedy 50/50 gets a trailer plus a mini-review of the film

A few months back I was invited to catch a very early screening of 50/50, the Seth Rogen produced cancer comedy (it was formerly known as I'M WITH CANCER). Rogen co-stars in the film with Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Anna Kendrick in the real-life story of Will Reiser, a 27-year-old man who is diagnosed with fairly rare form of cancer. All I was told about the film beforehand is that I should probably bring some tissues. That person was right. I did cry.

I won't get into a full-on review of the film here but it's intensely emotional and raw while also being extremely funny and romantic. Early on in the film it name-checks TERMS OF ENDEARMENT and while it may not quite be on par with that James L. Brooks film, 50/50 holds its own and creates a winning film about cancer and how it affects those diagnosed with the disease and everyone around them. And yes, you'll cry.

The cast is across-the-board fantastic starting with Gordon-Levitt who delivers another winning performance as Will, the cancer patient. And enough can't be said about Angelica Houston, who plays Will's slightly overbearing mother, a potential Best Supporting Actress nominee.

We'll obviously have a full review closer to release but this is a film, set for release on September 30, that you're going to want to make sure you see. Check out the new trailer for the film below or click here to see it in HD at Apple.

Extra Tidbit: James McAvoy was originally set to star in the film and spent two weeks filming before being replaced by Gordon-Levitt after his wife became pregnant.
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