Sigourney Weaver joins the list of returning cast in Feig's Ghostbusters

Now that Paul Feig has worked out all the anger in his system, he's announced another original cast member taking part in his GHOSTBUSTERS film! To bring you up to speed, Dan Aykroyd was the first to announce that he had a small cameo in the flick, followed by Bill Murray. Ernie Hudson followed suit and just earlier this week we learned that Annie Potts would also be joining in on the fun. So who's left? Check out Paul Feig's Tweet below!

At this point it would feel a little weird to me to have all these original cast members return, only to play cameos as other characters. So what are we thinking? A tie-in to the original movie or is this the studio wanting to ensure original GHOSTBUSTERS fans aren't pissed off with this reboot? Frankly, I don't see anything wrong with this film being a follow-up (of sorts) to the other two movies, so I say go for it!

GHOSTBUSTERS will arrive in theaters on July 22, 2016.

Source: Twitter



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