Sigourney Weaver on a Neill Blomkamp Alien movie: "We'll see what happens"

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We know director Neill Blomkamp has had conversations with his CHAPPIE star Sigourney Weaver about a new ALIEN movie and it may happen, but what are the actress' thoughts on the project? Cinemablend got a chance to talk to Weaver during a CHAPPIE press junket, and she says Blomkmap sent her a bunch of ALIEN ideas and artwork.

We started chatting about it on Chappie, like the first day. And he grew up watching these, I think he broke the tapes he watched them so much… But I was sort of surprised. He sent me a lot of artwork last spring and some ideas, and so you know…

The site says Sigourney Weaver "seemed hesitant to discuss the matter any further," however it does sound like Weaver is down for a Neill Blomkamp directed ALIEN film.

I think we’ll see what happens. We’ll see what happens. There’s no one I can imagine that would do a better job.

Neill Blomkamp

In a recent interview with UPROXX, Neill Blomkamp also talked about the possibility of helming an ALIEN flick, and he says he came up with the ideas and art while working on CHAPPIE.

Speaking to Sigourney Weaver, when we were doing Chappie, she set off a bunch of thoughts in my head — I had come up with an idea that didn’t have Sigourney, it was a different idea. But I spent all of the shooting time with her, it was like, holy shit, that could actually be really interesting. When I came back to Vancouver, I had an entire year to work on Chappie. And when I wasn’t needed in the edit, I could think about Alien. So, I basically developed an entire movie and I did all of this artwork as well.

Neill Blomkamp goes on to say if it is going to happen, it has to be on his terms, although he wasn't sure if he was going to do another movie at all since "Hollywood itself is a difficult animal to negotiate." In addition, the director revealed FOX would love to make a new ALIEN. So what's the hold up?

Me. I’m the problem. Fox, they would make it. Like, tomorrow. They would make it.

Hopefully once Blomkamp decides to get over his franchise phobia he'll commit to directing a future ALIEN movie. But like Sigourney Weaver says, we'll have to wait and see what happens.

CHAPPIE opens on March 6, 2015.

Source: CinemablendUPROXX



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