Six new action-packed clips from X-Men: First Class!

Early buzz on X-MEN: FIRST CLASS seems to indicate that it's by far the best X-MEN film and quite possibly even the best Marvel movie ever. We'll have our review from the film up soon but it's great to hear that the film is far exceeded what was a lackluster marketing campaign.

Today we've got six brand new clips from the film loaded up with big moments from the film. We get to see Sebastian Shaw, Emma Frost, Magneto, Xavier, Azazel, Havok and more do their thing. Some of the clips might be considered spoiler-y but I don't think it's anything major (Fox released them so it's nothing their uncomfortable with you knowing).

I embedded one of the longer and most action-heavy clips below and titled "Shaw Attacks" it gives you a pretty good idea what to expect. So as to not clog up this article and allow the videos to load faster, I included some images below that link to their corresponding clip in HD at JoBlo Video. Enjoy!

Source: JoBlo.com



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