Skyfall finds its Q in young Ben Whishaw

No gorgeous Bond girls to look at today, but we do have an important new casting tidbit from SKYFALL that's worth hearing about.

Tech wizard Q has been missing from the rebooted Bond series in both films CASINO ROYALE and QUANTUM OF SOLACE, but apparently it's time for the man to make a return, albeit in a form far different than we're used to seeing.

Previously played by older actors like the late Desmond Llewelyn and then briefly John Cleese, the mantle of Q now falls to a younger man, Ben Whishaw. At only 31, he's a new look for the character, and though you might not recognize him offhand, I highly recommend you check out PERFUME in which he stars if you haven't already.

An interesting choice, and one that signifies that this new Bond series tries to marry the new with the old in many ways. Do you think Q's new look will work for the film?

Extra Tidbit: I'm not sure why, but just by looking at him I feel like this guy should be The Doctor someday.
Source: BBC



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