Sly ready to return!

Somewhere, The Arrow is a very happy man right now. Sylvester Stallone has just signed a two-picture deal to produce, star and direct in two films for Nu Image/Millennium, the company behind RAMBO. And lucky for us, because Nu Image/Millennium signed an interim agreement with the WGA, production on the films can begin as soon as Stallone decides on a project. Right now Stallone and producers have not decided what either of the films would be but you can bet another RAMBO offering would certainly be one of the contenders. What you probably won't see if Stallone's rumored Edgar Allen Poe film as these projects were specifically marked as "action films" (though an Edgar Allen Poe action movie would certainly be interesting). One possibility that intrigues me is taking John Rambo into another genre. I heard Stallone mention somewhere (and of course now I can't find it) that he briefly flirted with the idea of doing a sci-fi RAMBO movie. Now would RAMBO VS. PREDATOR be completely insane or would that just be me? Although the original PREDATOR was very much a RAMBO VS. PREDATOR kinda movie. I guess my question to the readers would be whether you'd be interested to see John Rambo hop from a realistic world into a fantasy one or whether that breach of continuity would piss you off royally. And what would you like to see Stallone work on next?

Extra Tidbit: RAMBO's budget was a surprising $50 million.
Source: Variety



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