So Marvel's future plans for the Hulk may not include Planet Hulk or World War Hulk?


Latino-Review had a big spoiler scoop around the Super Bowl about Marvel's plans for the Hulk in Phase 2 and 3 in their cinematic universe. It was rumored that the next phases might cover the Planet Hulk and World War Hulk comics and most of us were pretty psyched about the idea.

Well it turns out it just may not be true. AintItCool contacted one of their very reliable sources after the story broke and asked him if any of it was true. According to them it's "1,000% inaccurate." The main thing that is brought up is that Mark Ruffalo is signed to a six-picture deal with Marvel but Bruce Banner isn't in Planet Hulk at all. Marvel is very happy with how people have responded to Mark Ruffalo as Banner, and wouldn't want to reduce his role. He could still be motion-captured for the big green guy, but Marvel wants to keep the Banner element. AintItCool checked with another source who also confirmed Marvel does not have any plans to do either storyline at this time. Marvel, of course, has said nothing.

These things happen sometimes. All of these movie sites (JoBlo included) try to provide you with fast and accurate news and if there's a hot scoop, you run with it. If you've got a source telling you something, you report it if the information sounds right. And hell maybe AintItCool is wrong with their sources, I mean we are speculating on movies that are years away. Things can always change. That's why you got take take all of these rumors with a grain of salt.

Lets see how long it is before the next hot rumor starts to circulate.

Extra Tidbit: How do you want to see the Hulk utilized in a solo movie? Lots of "Hulk smash" or more of a "Banner on the run" feel?
Source: AintItCool



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