Sofia Coppola departs The Litte Mermaid due to creative differences

When Sofia Coppola was named director on Universal's live action take on the classic story THE LITTLE MERMAID, Funny or Die decided to spoof what it could look like. Now, we may never know what the acclaimed filmmaker could have brought to the story as she has dropped out of the project.

Deadline reports that Coppola left due to "creative differences" but not much beyond that. Coppola has enjoyed a career free of much studio interference which has led to indie darlings like THE VIRGIN SUICIDES and LOST IN TRANSLATION. Her recent output has not been as critically lauded but something tells me working under a major studio would not have worked out to well. THE LITTLE MERMAID, a family oriented film, seemed to be very far outside of her comfort zone. It could have led to something pretty unique compared to the recent fairy tale adaptations.

A replacement for Coppola was not announced with this news but producers Tim Bevan and Eric Fellner are moving forward with the project. Caroline Thompson is rewriting the script based on previous drafts by FIFTY SHADES OF GREY's Kelly Marcel and SHAME's Abi Morgan. There is currently no set release date for the film.

Source: Deadline



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