Some sultry images from The Paperboy with Kidman, McConaughey, Cusack, and Efron

A batch of stills from Lee Daniels' (PRECIOUS) new film THE PAPERBOY have surfaced today, featuring Matthew McConaughey, Nicole Kidman, John Cusack, Zac Efron, Scott Glenn, and David Oyelowo in the murder/mystery flick. 

Based on the novel of the same name by Pete Dexter, the synopsis goes like this:

The sun was rising over Moat County, Florida, when Sheriff Thurmond Call was found on the highway, gutted like an alligator.  A local redneck (Cusack) was tried, sentenced, and set to fry.

Then Ward James (McConaughey), hotshot investigative reporter for the Miami Times, returns to his rural hometown with a death row femme fatale (Kidman) who promises him the story of the decade.  She's armed with explosive evidence, aiming to free—and meet—her convicted "fiancÚ."

With Ward's disillusioned younger brother Jack (Efron) as their driver, they barrel down Florida's back roads and seamy places in search of The Story, racing flat out into a shocking head-on collision between character and fate as truth takes a back seat to headline news...

I enjoyed PRECIOUS much more than I thought I would and I look forward to seeing what Daniels does with this.  Also, I know some of you will call her old and busted or something of the like, but I am a Nicole Kidman fan.  She is the epitome of sultry older chick and I am a slave to her charms.  She's the Stifler's mom to my Finchf*cker.  I'd say this one is on my radar after these stills and I'm sure a trailer will be forthcoming to further fuel our interests.  Not that John Cusack's whacked-out psycho get up doesn't do that already.

THE PAPERBOY will be premiering at Cannes this year with a release date soon to follow.

Extra Tidbit: Someone...anyone...please, caption that last image.
Source: Kino Gallery



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