Sony Pictures reveals that 21 Jump Street 2 with Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum will be out in 2014

21 Jump Street

It was announced before the first film was even released but now it's official: a sequel to 21 JUMP STREET is in the works and will be out in 2014. This was announced yesterday at Sony Picture's presentation at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The studio also showed off the new logo for the film but unfortunately there aren't any images of it available at this time.

The surprise hit starring Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum ended up pulling in over $138 million domestically (and another $63 million overseas) on a budget of only $42 million, which if you do the math correctly means 21 JUMP STREET was pretty profitable.

The end of 21 JUMP STREET kind of established where a sequel might go but it hasn't been confirmed if the next film would still follow that path. Jonah Hill (who is also helping with the screenplay again) and Channing Tatum will definitely be back however there's no word on if supporting characters played by Ice Cube and Brie Larson will return for the sequel but there's probably a good chance we'll see Ice Cube again.

Production for 21 JUMP STREET 2 should start sometime this year (I've heard September) and I wouldn't be surprised if they positioned the film to be released in the summer months of 2014 since the first film performed so well when it hit theaters in March of 2012.

Who's excited for the return of Schmidt and Jenko?

Extra Tidbit: Do you think 21 JUMP STREET 2 can outperform the first film financially?
Source: Sony Pictures



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