Stanley Tucci might star opposite Emma Watson in Your Voice In My Head

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Back in late December we reported how director David Yates had elected to follow up his tenure in the wizarding world of Harry Potter and Friends with a book adaptation of decidedly smaller-scale called YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD, while in early February the news came that Emma Watson would return to star for Yates.  The plot "revolves around a young who, after the demise of her relationship with a nationally respected journalist, attempts suicide before being saved by a terminally ill psychiatrist."

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Uncast up to this point was the part of the psychiatrist, with people like George Clooney reportedly interested in giving it a go.  But Yates seems to have instead settled on Stanley Tucci, something which I have exactly zero problem with as Tucci is enormously talented.  Now the film doesn't have a greenlight just yet, but scoring Tucci would serve well to get things officially moving.  And I expect that things will get moving soon, as the word is that the higher-ups at Warner Bros. are already projecting YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD as a serious contender in the 2013 Oscar Race, and in the Best Actor catagory specifically. 

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So no pressure or anything.

Here's the plot in greater detail: Emma Forrest, a British journalist, was just twenty-two and living the fast life in New York City when she realized that her quirks had gone beyond eccentricity. In a cycle of loneliness, damaging relationships, and destructive behavior, she found herself in the chair of a slim, balding, and effortlessly optimistic psychiatrist—a man whose wisdom and humanity would wrench her from the dangerous tide after she tried to end her life. She was on the brink of drowning, but she was still working, still exploring, still writing, and she had also fallen deeply in love. One day, when Emma called to make an appointment with her psychiatrist, she found no one there. He had died, shockingly, at the age of fifty-three, leaving behind a young family. Reeling from the premature death of a man who had become her anchor after she turned up on his doorstep, she was adrift. And when her all-consuming romantic relationship also fell apart, Emma was forced to cling to the page for survival and regain her footing on her own terms.

A modern-day fairy tale, Your Voice in My Head is a stunning memoir, clear-eyed and shot through with wit. In her unique voice, Emma Forrest explores the highs and lows of love and the heartbreak of loss.

Extra Tidbit: Stanley Tucci was the best part of EASY A, which is impressive considering how great and fun that movie actually was.
Source: Variety



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