Star Trek Discovery finds more crewmates

STAR TREK DISCOVERY is taking STAR TREK back where it really belongs: television. While there have been some unfortunate bumps in the road (like the loss of original showrunner Bryan Fuller), it seems things are now set on course.

We've already had some casting announcements, like that of Sonequa Martin-Green, Michelle Yeoh, and Doug Jones. Now we can a few more to our list:

Maulik Pancholy (30 ROCK) will be playing Dr. Nambue, Chief Medical Officer on board the Starship Shenzhou. It's unclear if he'll be as neurotic and vindictive as Jack Donaghy's secretary, but one can only hope.

Next is Terry Serpico (PURGE: ELECTION YEAR) as Admiral Anderson, who will probably be corrupt, based on no facts other than it seems every other Starfleet Admiral is corrupt in some way.

And finally Sam Vartholomeos as an Ensign, who should hope to God isn't wearing a red shirt.

But the most exciting news is production is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality! We've even seen trailers that show off some costumes and sets, and even some leaked photos of aliens that may or may not be Klingons. Either way, I'm excited and can't wait for more STAR TREK!

But what about you guys? Excited for STAR TREK DISCOVERY? And who's everyone's favorite Starship captain? I'll always be a Pike man m'self.

Extra Tidbit: There were two seasons of an animated STAR TREK cartoon that completed the five-year mission of TOS.
Source: Screen Rant



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