Star Wars Episode VII rumor: Adam Driver in talks to play the villain

The latest STAR WARS: EPISODE VII rumor is a doozy - mainly because it's looking like it's the real deal. Both Deadline.com and Variety are reporting that "Girls" star Adam Driver is in talks to join the J.J. Abrams film as the lead villain! Wow!

As Variety puts it, details are unknown, but the character is said to be in the vein of iconic STAR WARS villain Darth Vader. I can't picture Driver being particularly menacing, but who knows what J.J. and Lucasfilm have in store?

Driver's name was also attached to BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN at one point, but Driver ultimately denied having any involvement in that. But if this pans out, Driver is about to become a household name. And who could have imagined that a year ago? Truth be told, the actor has been building up a very respectable resume of late, recently appearing in the Coen Brothers' INSIDE LLEWYN DAVIS, Steven Spielberg's LINCOLN and Noah Baumbach's FRANCES HA. He's currently working with Martin Scorsese on SILENCE alongside Andrew Garfield.

Extra Tidbit: We know you're not going to hold back on this one, so let loose: What do you think of Adam Driver as a potential STAR WARS bad guy?
Source: DeadlineVariety

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