Star Wars Minute - In memoriam Carrie Fisher (video)

Every week we venture through the Star Wars Universe in the span of a minute (more or less) to talk about the latest news in a galaxy far, far away. It's always a pleasure to dig into upcoming film scoops and pick apart the current catalogue of Star Wars movies, although I'm afraid this week has called for something different.

Carrie Fisher, our beloved princess Leia, has passed away this week along with her mother, Debbie Reynolds. Given the loss of two cinematic legends, I find it hard to even consider what's going in the Star Wars universe. Life goes on, of course, and we will continue to report the latest in the next edition of the Star Wars Minute, but for now I wanted to take a few minutes and honor everything that Carrie brought to the role. Outside of Star Wars, she's proven to be an original, up-front and inspiring person. In terms of playing Leia, she embraced what she had, and in turn, we embraced her. Maestro John Williams wrote a beautiful melody for Leia in the original STAR WARS, and I think it conveys everything that words can't.

Rest in peace, Carrie and Debbie.

Source: JoBlo



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