Star Wars: The Force Awakens becomes the highest-grossing domestic film

Today marks the day that James Cameron's juggernaut, AVATAR, is finally usurped from the #1 spot on the domestic box-office list. J.J. Abrams' STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS moves into first place today, after bringing in $8 million on Tuesday, making for a a domestic total of $758.2 million. AVATAR rests at $760 million, which has undoubtedly been passed by at this point. For those keeping track, THE FORCE AWAKENS has reached the #1 spot in just 20 days. By comparison, AVATAR had only just passed $360 million mark in the same time span. Insert obligatory "not-adjusted for inflation" remark here.

The next stop for THE FORCE AWAKENS will be its final resting place on the global list. Worldwide, STAR WARS has brought in about $1.5 billion. There's still a ways to go if it hopes to top AVATAR's $2.7 billion, but STAR WARS has yet to in China (which it will this Friday). AVATAR didn't do much business up front, but it had some serious legs. Only time will tell if THE FORCE AWAKENS will be able to hit $3 billion, but it's had a hell of a start! I'd say Disney is feeling pretty good about its $4 billion investment in Lucasfilm right now!


Do you think THE FORCE AWAKENS will take the #1 worldwide spot?



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