Stephen Frears is currently the frontrunner to direct Sacha Baron Cohen as Freddie Mercury

Stephen Frears

Perhaps this is a bit premature, but might we say that Stephen Frears (THE QUEEN) is on the verge of being allowed to get down (and) make love with the untitled biopic of Freddie Mercury currently in the works? Or maybe that the untitled biopic has a crazy little director called Frears? Or maybe even that you can't stop Frears now, as he's currently the main contender for the director's chair on said untitled biopic?

I'm done, promise.  But it's true.  Sacha Baron Cohen has been connected with the role of Freddie Mercury for a while now and his deal looks to be closing in the coming weeks, presumably along with Frears if he is indeed picked to direct.  In the meantime the script, previously worked on by Peter Morgan (THE QUEEN), has received a rewrite from Stephen J. Rivele and Christopher Wilkinson (ALI, NIXON). 

The film "focuses on Queen's formative years, leading up to the band's heralded appearance at Live Aid in 1985," and will be receiving direct input from Queen members Brian May, Roger Taylor, and John Deacon through their production company Queen Films.  It is unknown at this time if Sacha Baron Cohen will do his own singing, though considering how he is more than capable I expect he'll be allowed to. 

Queen in concert

Source: Variety



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