Stop the presses! Elizabeth Tulloch has been cast as The CW's Lois Lane

The CW have announced that they've found their Lois Lane in GRIMM alumna Elizabeth Tulloch, who will play the intrepid reporter when the network presents its next annual superhero crossover event. Before her signing on to the project, the character of Lois Lane had been portrayed by Teri Hatcher for LOIS & CLARK: THE NEW ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN, and then Erica Durance on SMALLVILLE, both of which were presented by Warner Bros. Television.

Famously known for playing Eve on NBCUniversal Television's long-running supernatural series, GRIMM, Tulloch has also starred opposite Will Smith and Alec Baldwin in the 2015 biographical sports drama CONCUSSION, and as Alexandra Hubbard (under the name Bitsie Tulloch) for Koldcast TV's TYRANNY, among other notable roles.

Lois Lane first came onto the DC Comics scene in 1938 as an investigative reporter for the Daily Planet in the pages of Action Comics #1. Created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster, Lane is a take no shit kind of gal with a nose for news and an unquenchable thirst for the truth. Throughout her long-standing history as one of DC's leading ladies, Lane has served as a love interest for Superman as well as a thorn in the side of just about every ne'er do-well in the fictional city of Metropolis. In addition to acting as a savvy reporter, Lane has arrived as the high-flying superheroine, Superwoman. Over the years, Superwoman has been reworked to join in a myriad of stories, with some featuring her as a universe-ending villain in league with the Crime Syndicate of America.

Joining Tulloch as Lois Lane for the planned DC crossover event will be JOHN WICK and ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK actress Ruby Rose, who is set to play Kate Kane a.k.a. Batwoman, DC's first lesbian lead hero of the night. Take heed, villains, because there ain't no hiding from Ms. Lane's watchful eye.



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