Sylvester Stallone will have no involvement in Fox's Rambo TV series

Last week we learned that Fox was developing a TV series based on one of Sylvester Stallone's most popular characters, John Rambo. The series was said to follow our main man and his son, an ex-Navy SEAL, as they get kicked out of every town in America. Okay, I'm just guessing on that last part, but you have to wonder what these two would get up to in the span of a season, let alone several. I'd be surprised if the show gets that far as Stallone and his reps have just announced that he will have no participation in the series what-so-ever. Stallone did chime to say that he "wish[es] the others well with the project", so there's that.

While a Rambo TV series wasn't my favorite idea on the planet, I did think it stood a chance if Stallone played a central figure in front of and behind the camera (much like Rocky does in CREED). However, with Stallone out of the picture, I wouldn't be surprised to hear if this series is dead in the water. They may go forward with just the son of Rambo and try to craft something different, in which case Fox is going to need all the luck in the world.

Source: Deadline



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