Fox developing Rambo: New Blood TV series that follows father and son

For those of you wondering when Sylvester Stallone's next Rambo adventure would be coming to silver screens, don't hold your breath. Deadline has announced that Fox has just closed a development deal for Rambo: New Blood. This TV series would be executive produced by Sly himself, and would follow the famed warrior and his son, J.R., who happens to be an ex-Navy SEAL. Just how much of the original Rambo would be in this show is up in the air, but here's hoping it's more than a glorified cameo. As of now, Jeb Stuart is attached to write. Given his work on classics such as THE FUGITIVE and DIE HARD, I'd say this series has as good a start as you could give it.

Franchises like RAMBO or THE EXPENDABLES don't exactly scream TV material, but these days shows are able to accomplish what audiences didn't think were possible. Character development, competent action and even some gore is not uncommon in some of today's more popular shows. I'd say that making Stallone's Rambo a main character in this series is key to building a relationship with someone audiences aren't familiar with, and thus actually creating a new character people would want to invest their time into.

How do you feel about a father-son Rambo series?

Source: Deadline



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