Taylor Kitsch confirms role in True Detective's second season

After the three leads were announced to be Vince Vaughn, Colin Farrell, and Rachel McAdams, the rumors that Taylor Kitsch would also be joining the cast of TRUE DETECTIVE's second season seemed to simmer in the background. But, now it looks like we can officially say that Kitsch is close to finalizing his deal to join the highly anticipated HBO series.

In an interview with ADWeek, Kitsch mentioned that he did not act in anything for almost a year and the reason seems to be TRUE DETECTIVE.

Yeah, I mean it was just showing a lot of patience on my end and turning a lot of stuff down because I wanted to be a part of it. And having this meeting with Nic Pizzolatto, it kind of brought me back to when I was here in New York and why I wanted to be a actor, why you struggle and why you don’t quit. And when we’re talking, I mean he’s obviously incredibly smart and passionate, so that rubs off. And you’re just excited to go now. I can’t fucking wait to hit camera. So I’m excited. I loved that first season of it so much. It’s just unlike anything I’ve seen in, you know, I don’t know when. And it was so grounded. It could really happen. This is very similar, and I love that. It makes it more relatable. It makes these guys more real. Nowadays, it takes fucking balls to stand by that and do it that way.

Kitsch is a likeable actor and is vastly under-appreciated in movies like JOHN CARTER and LONE SURVIVOR as well as a great turn in the recent THE NORMAL HEART. Thanks to movies like BATTLESHIP, X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE, and SAVAGES, Kitsch has developed a negative connotation in Hollywood. Still, the guy has the looks and charm to be a quality actor in projects like TRUE DETECTIVE.

Here's hoping we get more details soon as everyone involved sounds like they have a true passion for working with Nic Pizzolatto. Or maybe it is just that they all want to be the next Matthew McConaughey. TRUE DETECTIVE season 2 will debut on HBO in 2015.

Source: ADWeek



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