Adventure raises it's sails in the latest trailer for Joe Wright's Pan

PAN may be a confusing movie for some who don't understand why Blackbeard is like Captain Hook and Captain Hook looks like Indiana Jones and sounds like Heath Ledger's Joker. So, Warner Bros has delivered a new trailer that capitalizes on the copious amounts of action in the epic fantasy film.

This new trailer pays extra attention to the prophecy hinted at in the earlier previews that says a flying boy will overthrow an evil pirate. Something tells me that while Blackbeard thinks it is him, everyone will eventually learn it is actually Hook. I could be wrong, but this doesn't seem like that unique of a reboot.

The first trailers for PAN didn't do much for me. Yes, Joe Wright's origin story of Peter Pan and a pre-stump Captain Hook looked beautiful but it didn't really intrigue me. Beyond Hugh Jackman's Blackbeard, it felt like a forgettable movie in a summer full of movies. Then, something happened: the studio shifted the film to the fall. Now, for some reason, I am actually looking forward to PAN. Maybe it is the lead-up time to soak in the trailers, but this movie is looking better and better with each new preview.

PAN hits theaters on October 9th.

Source: YouTube



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