The Arrow (aka John Fallon) is making a horror movie. Please support him!

I’m sure that many of you have been reading about more and more “crowd-funding” campaigns rolling around these days (ex: Kickstarter, IndieGogo), especially those in which actual movie stars like Zack Braff and Sylvester Stallone, or directors like Spike Lee are asking fans for money to finance their future films. Well, unlike those people, my good friend John Fallon (aka the Arrow from Arrow in the Head) actually needs the money in order to make his acclaimed screenplay entitled THE SHELTER into a full-blown feature which we would direct. And unlike those people, John isn’t a millionaire and so he actually needs your support in order to make his life-long dream come true.

This write-up isn’t about the project itself (you can get lots of info on the details of the project HERE and the IndieGogo campaign HERE) but suffice it to say that almost everyone who has read his script (including myself and famed horror writer/director Eric Red) has loved it but not only because it’s extremely effective as both a horror project (a la ROSEMARY’S BABY/EXORCIST from the 70s) but also as an introspective human drama. Yeah, he makes it happen! Oh and he’s already got the great Michael Pare (who also loved the screenplay!) to sign up as its star – when the film gets made. Check out a tour of THE SHELTER house below!

But more importantly, and on a more personal front, I just wanted to let you all know about John himself, a life-long movie fan who grew up on action and horror movies in the 80s, Fangoria magazine and a dream to one day create his own motion pictures (he did achieve a somewhat "full circle" moment last week when Fango actually wrote up this film HERE). He’s gotten as close as anyone can get as he has acted in several films, written 7 screenplays which all were directed by other people into full-blown feature films and of course, helped create the Arrow in the Head section in the year 2000 on the JoBlo Movie Network. Needless to say, he’s also written over 1,100 horror reviews for AITH (arguably the most prolific online horror critic of all-time!), but his real dream (clichés aside) has always been to direct his own full-length feature!

If you’re a big movie fan like most everyone working on this site (and its readers) are, then you can appreciate the passion behind something like that. Unfortunately, talent, passion and an awesome screenplay apparently don’t add up to jack-shit in terms of making an actual movie unless you have…you guessed it, MONEY! John is looking for approximately $100k to create his dream project, but as per any IndieGogo crowd-funding campaign, he keeps all money donated to his project so every little bit helps and will be put into the movie. Whether he hits his goal or not, John will make this film one way or another. I’ve known him for over 16 years now and I can vouch for that man’s hard work ethic more than anyone else I know.

John and I at the San Diego Comic Con circa 2003...

I hope that you can take a few minutes to check out his campaign and if you have some extra funds with which you can help a rising filmmaker, please help out your fellow JoBlo.com team member, and maybe one day you’ll be able to watch his movie and say “I used to read that dude’s reviews online back in the day. And look at him now!” Thanks for the consideration, folks!

(only 66 hours left)

Extra Tidbit: I've had a cameo in 4 films which John wrote as a character named "Joe". In each film, I am killed in a gruesome manner. I think he's trying to tell me something... ;)
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