The Avengers hit the cover of Entertainment Weekly

I'm a little bummed that I have a pretty great report from the Albuquerque set of THE AVENGERS that I'm not allowed to share with you at this time. Entertainment Weekly is not beholden to the same embargo I am, apparently, and tomorrow sees the release of the upcoming issue with the cast of the film on the cover and all kinds of news, interviews and photos on the inside.

Right now all we have is a look at the cover, which is not all that impressive. [UPDATE - Entertainment Weekly has since added some shots from the set, which are included below.] Had they gotten the cast all in one room for the photo, I'd be digging it, but this just looks like a bad Photoshop (Mark Ruffalo especially looks out of place down there).

I was hoping that the sudden influx of AVENGERS news might mean that a trailer for the film would be attached to REAL STEEL but Disney says that's not happening (though we should be getting a bunch of new pics soon). Take a look at the cover below and click to check out some excerpts from the article.

Source: EW



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