The cast of Immortals gets a poster set

I'm not sure what to make of IMMORTALS. On one hand, it seems pretty cool, like 300 meets God of War. On the other, I wonder why Mickey Rourke looks like the Pokemon Pinsir. It's very perplexing.

In any case, there is a new series of character posters that have debuted for the film, featuring Rourke's Hyperion, Henry Cavill's (Hey! He's Superman) Theseus, Freida Pinto's Phaedra and I believe that's Luke Evans as a young Zeus, but I'm not sure. Update: It's actually Stephen Dorff as Stavros.

I think the visuals are cool, but will it be as much fun as 300 was? I guess we'll find out soon enough. IMMORTALS opens this...November? That seems rather far out for how much I've seen it advertised already.

Check out the posters below, and see the bigger the Pimpin' Poster Palace.

Extra Tidbit: I mostly just like that one scene in the trailer where they're all fighting in the sky like a Michelangelo painting.
Source: JoBlo.com



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