The CW considering Arrow spin-off series featuring Brandon Routh as The Atom

During the recent announcement that THE FLASH would be returning for a second season and ARROW would be coming back for a fourth, The CW revealed that they are in the preliminary stages of developing another DC Comics series based on the character of Ray Palmer, also know as The Atom. The character was introduced this season in a recurring capacity and is played by former Superman, Brandon Routh.

This should come as no surprise as ARROW continues to be looked at as the benchmark for superhero television series and the debut season of THE FLASH has already delivered some of the best ratings that The CW has had to date. Both shows have already crossed over a few times this year. ARROW creator Greg Berlanti could not go into more details but did acknowledge it was being looked at as a potential series.

The Atom character shares a lot of similarities to Marvel's ANT-MAN which could explain why the studio is considering the series. The character is able to shrink himself (and objects around him). The ARROW character just recently explained his motivation for developing Queen Consolidated's A.T.O.M. (Advanced Technology Operating Mechanism) exo-suit as a way to protect Starling City since his fiancee was killed during the season two rampage by Deathstroke's army.

Brandon Routh got a lot of crap for his role in Bryan Singer's SUPERMAN RETURNS, but the guy has been good in his limited role on ARROW. I can easily see him carrying his own show. This would also give The CW a three way potential cross-over event each season, something rarely if ever achieved on network television. Hopefully this works out and maybe we will see a small screen Justice League in the not too distant future.

ARROW returns with new episodes on January 21st.

Source: Deadline



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