The doll is back in town in new Annabelle: Creation trailer

Between August and September audiences are going to be reliving a lot of childhood trauma when ANNABELLE: CREATION and IT remind them why porcelain dolls and clowns give them nightmare-inducing seizures. The latter debuted a horrifying new trailer not too long ago that broke the internet, and the former just released one last night, and now we’re waiting for a new horror movie about demon spiders to complete the trifecta of evil. Watch the trailer for ANNABELLE below!

I didn’t loathe the last ANNABELLE. I think it had some genuinely scary moments of inspiration. But what gives me faith that this will be better is in director David F. Sandberg. He surprised us with LIGHTS OUT last year and Warner Bros. seems to like him a lot (he was/is rumored to be in the running for the SHAZAM! directing gig there). It looks like it could be creepy, and the shake-up of setting is refreshing. I’m not liking this whole “CONJURING universe deal”, as if it will sell more tickets. What are expecting Sam Jackson to show up?

ANNABELLE: CREATION arrives August 11.

Source: Warner Bros.



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