The end has begun in these new promos for the final season of Fringe

I will be very sad after these final thirteen episodes of FRINGE air starting September 28th. I was a big fan of THE X-FILES and FRINGE felt like the best combination of that show and LOST. Every FRINGE fan I have ever met loves it with the voracity that I do. It is a shame that it is ending now since Fox could never give it the audience it deserved.

As we have come to see, the final season will focus on The Observers who were shown to have taken over Earth in the excellent season four episode "Letters of Transit". Now, with just a month to go until the premiere, we have two new brief promos that give us our first look at the final season.

Between those two videos we have 45 seconds of footage and I already feel that 13 episodes won't be nearly enough to tell this whole story! I hope that we get a satisfying ending to FRINGE and not a cop out like so many other series.

FRINGE premiers on September 28th.

Source: YouTube



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