The first teaser trailer for Osama Bin Ladin manhunt film Zero Dark Thirty has been declassified

ZDT trailer title

Thus far we've been almost completely in the dark about ZERO DARK THIRTY, knowing little except for the casting (which is ridiculously good) and the fact that it is serving as a reunion of sorts for THE HURT LOCKER's writer/director team of Mark Boal and Kathryn Bigelow.

Considering the many documented inaccuracies in THE HURT LOCKER (you can even check out our own Paul Shirey's extensive deconstruction right here), the trailer's advertisement of "this is how it happened" doesn't spark much excitement in me as I just find it a bit difficult to completely trust screenwriter Boal or Bigelow on that front.  That being said, their last Oscar winning collaboration was still a piece of consummate filmmaking, and I'm definitely looking forward to their next film in that regard.

ZERO DARK THIRTY hits in the heart of Oscar season on December 19th.

ZDT trailer shot 1

ZDT trailer shot 2

ZDT trailer shot 3

ZDT trailer shot 5

ZDT trailer shot 6

ZDT trailer shot 8

ZDT trailer shot 7

Extra Tidbit: Do extensive inaccuracies bother you if a movie is good in and of itself?
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