The Game of Thrones IMAX engagement gets a kickass theatrical trailer

With fan anticipation mounting for the upcoming IMAX release of the final two episodes of GAME OF THRONES' fourth season, a new theatrical trailer has debuted touting the historic first time a television show has been shown in the large screen format.

The trailer doesn't offer anything new aside from showing us just how awesome GAME OF THRONES would look if it were a series of feature films. That coupled with a brief look at a scene from the upcoming fifth season tease that will be shown after the theatrical presentation. HBO is certainly going all out with this IMAX special presentation, so who knows if we may get to make this an annual thing as long as GAME OF THRONES is on the air. The theatrical run for GAME OF THRONES will take place from January 29th through February 5th.

Below the IMAX trailer we also have an embed for the upcoming HBO special GAME OF THRONES: A Day In The Life which follows the production of season five in three different countries. The half hour special will hit the premium channel on February 8th.

GAME OF THRONES will debut brand new episodes on HBO beginning April 12th, 2015.

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