The gang from This is the End want to wish you a happy 4/20

What have you got going on tomorrow? May I interest you in some free munchies?

Tommorow is 4/20. So in celebration you decide to burn one down then...well, probably chill the hell out on the couch and watch some cartoons or something. But if you are the adventurous smoker and want to see THIS IS THE END when it comes out on June 12, go get some advanced tickets at your local Regal Cinema. There's also a bonus in it for you: Free munchies! They will give you a coupon for a free popcorn on opening day. Nice, huh? Cause popcorn or really anything munchie-wise at the movies is like a billion dollars.

The crew from THIS IS THE END also put together a nice little video to talk about the free munchies and wish you a happy 4/20. Check out the video below. If you want more details about the free popcorn and advanced tickets, head here.

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