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The results are in!

A nice mix of wins for The Golden Schmoes this year as no one film really dominated, which is always refreshing (unless a film earned the right to dominate, of course). Although GRAVITY had the most wins (6 total), it was THE WOLF OF WALL STREET that took "Favorite Movie of the Year." The only other films with more than one win were AMERICAN HUSTLE and PRISONERS. Speaking of PRISONERS, the Denis Villeneuve thriller won for both "Most Underrated Movie of the Year" and "Biggest Surprise of the Year," which I personally think are much deserved wins. Alfonso Cuaron snaked the "Best Director" award, which I also think is a hard-earned win.

Oscar favorite 12 YEARS A SLAVE had 9 nominations and didn't get a single win, making it the biggest surprise of this year's awards. DALLAS BUYERS CLUB also joined the snub club as it only took home one award, although for a terrific performance for "Best Supporting Actor" Jared Leto. Similarly, "Best Actor" went to Leonardo DiCaprio for THE WOLF OF WALL STREET, but Matthew McConaughey followed behind with a mere 20 vote gap! Cate Blanchett has been the shoe-in for Best Actress in BLUE JASMINE, but you guys felt that Sandra Bullock fared better, giving her the award. Jennifer Lawrence took "Best Supporting Actress" for her hilariously awesome role in AMERICAN HUSTLE, which was the only major award the David O. Russell pic scooped up, with minor awards for "Best Music" and "Most Overrated Movie" also in the queue.


1. The Dark Knight (2008) 12
2. Return of the King (2003) 10
3. Inception (2010) 9
4. The Two Towers (2002) 9
5. Sin City (2005) 7
6. Fellowship of the Ring (2001) 7
7. Inglourious Basterds (2009) 6
8. The Departed (2006) 6
9. Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) 6
10. Memento (2001) 6
11. Drive (2011) 6

Spike Jonze's HER took home "Best Screenplay of the Year," which was nice to see, as it hasn't gotten as much awards love as it deserves. FROZEN won "Best Animated Movie", but that's no surprise considering the competition. "Best Horror Movie" went to THE CONJURING, which I think was the most logical choice. That one still gives me chills. One thing was made very clear this year and that was that you guys love you some Margot Robbie. THE WOLF OF WALL STREET star took "Breakthrough Role of the Year" and "Best T&A." I mean, look at this lovely lady…

"Worst Movie of the Year" went to MOVIE 43. Not a big surprise, although AFTER EARTH was close on its heels in terms of votes. "Biggest Disappointment of the Year" was A GOOD DAY TO DIE HARD, which I would've pegged for worst movie of the year myself (yep, I'd rather watch MOVIE 43). MAN OF STEEL took "Best Trailer" while THE WOLVERINE took home "Best Poster" and I couldn't agree more with those wins. The "Best Action Scene" went to GRAVITY's ridiculously insane destruction of the space station, while "Most Memorable Scene" went to THE WOLF OF WALL STREET's quaaludes scene. Lastly, the "Best Line of the Year" went to the favorite THE WORLD'S END with "What the f*ck does WTF mean?"

Thanks to everyone who took part in the nomination phase and to all who voted in this year's awards! Everything shakes out just as you guys dictate with your votes, so it's super cool to see what the real movie fans are thinking when it comes time to hand out awards to the movies we love (or hate). Let us know what you think of the results below and if you haven't done so already, be sure to enter our OSCAR PREDICTION CONTEST right HERE! And stay tuned for our Oscar coverage this coming Sunday, March 3rd.


GRAVITY: 6 wins
(Best Special Effects, Best Director, Best Actress, Best Action Sequence, Best Sci-Fi Movie, Trippiest Movie)

(Favorite Movie, Best Actor, Most Memorable Scene, Best T&A, Breakthrough Performance)

(Best Supporting Actress, Most Overrated, Best Music)

(Most Underrated, Biggest Surprise)


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