The latest videos from the set of Dark Knight Rises!

Hey I don't know if you heard this over all the buzz for SPY KIDS 4 but they're filming a new Batman movie guise!! Shocking and exciting, I know. This weekend's filming involved one of the larger set pieces in the movie - shot at Pittsburgh's Heinz Field (in the film, the home of the Gotham Rogues) with a stadium of extras. I won't go into major detail on what happens in the clip as this seems to be one of the big action set pieces of the movie but I'll say you get to hear Bane speak, and for that you should already want to watch this video (it's shot by one of the extras and not exactly Wally Pfister-quality but it's the best we can do...)

In other TDK:R news, last week Bane and Batman were trading punches outside in Pittsburgh during a snow storm. Only it was really 90 degrees out. But that didn't stop the crew from staging a massive fight scene. What sets this one apart from the others is that it appears to have been shot by a news crew and is your best look at Batman and Bane in action (surrounded by a mass of other people in the middle of a rumble.

Source: JoBlo.com



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