The live action Space Invaders movie lands a screenwriter

It has been several months since the news that Akiva Goldsman would produce an adaptation of iconic video game SPACE INVADERS. Usually, silence means the project has died in development, but now we have news that screenwriter Dan Kunka has been brought on board to write the script.

Kunka's name may not be familiar, but having been a popular name on the industry's Black List for the wolves versus zombies movie YELLOWSTONE FALLS, the writer has also sold a TV series to SyFy alongside producer Robert Zemeckis as well as adapted the book PATRIOTIC FIRE from FORREST GUMP author Winston Groom.

SPACE INVADERS, like many arcade games from decades ago, does not have what you would consider a plot. The game is just alien pixels coming down while a little spaceship shoots them. A movie version could be pretty much anything from a comedy like the upcoming Adam Sandler film PIXELS to a big budget epic like INDEPENDENCE DAY.

SPACE INVADERS: The Movie...how bad could it be?

Source: Deadline



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