The Raid is getting a bone-snapping remake from Joe Carnahan & Frank Grillo

I've got this good buddy of mine named Beller. Whenever the two of us get together, we do our damnedest to seek out and watch whichever "decent" looking martial arts flicks we can find. Over the years, we've enjoyed any number of engaging bouts featuring icons like Tony Jaa, Ip Man, and of course, Bruce Lee. Though one of the most outstanding films (or series) that we've partaken in, without a doubt, is Gareth Evans' THE RAID.

I remember watching THE RAID: REDEMPTION for the first time, and screaming my ass off at the sight of all the over-the-top action, and marveling at the physical performances and stamina of the talented cast. It was the kind of film that I immediately recommended to all of my friends who're into that sort of thing. My goal, now, is to one day have my mother-in-law watch both films. She's a huge fan of elaborate action and on-screen martial arts brutality. I know, she's a rare breed and I am very fortunate. 

A while back, Screen Gems gained the rights to THE RAID, and signed actor Frank Grillo to the proposed project. Then, THE EXPENDABLES 3 helmer Patrick Hughes was signed to direct, but had a bit of trouble rounding out the cast. In 2015, plans for the film were cancelled, as Screen Gems, Hughes, and in-talks star Taylor Kitsch all parted ways.

However, we're now getting word that progress on THE RAID is kicking again, as XYZ Films has released a teaser video of THE GREY and SMOKIN' ACES director Joe Carnahan standing alongside Grillo, who were each watching THE RAID and discussing potential plans. To note, both took care to mention that their project, if it happens, will not be a straight-up remake. It's also worth mentioning that Gareth Evans has given his "full blessing" in making this film a reality. 

As a way of dropping the news, and updating fans of the series, Joe Carnahan unleashed a series of tweets regarding his thoughts and feelings about getting to work on the film:

Oh man, I think I'm getting goosebumps after reading these tweets. For my money, this project screams potential, as Carnahan is clearly very passionate about doing the property justice. Stay close as more details about this project come to light. And, be sure to keep an eye out for news on BAD BOYS FOR LIFE, starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which Carnahan will be directing and is poised for a  November 9, 2018 release.

Extra Tidbit: I don't know if it gets any better than that prison yard fight sequence from THE RAID 2. I can't imagine how exhausting it must have been to film that take after take.



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