The Russos ask people to not spoil Infinity War for everyone else

Marvel movies are often approached with a certain air of secrecy, but with AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR it’s a whole new ball game. Those involved have entered STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS mode and they're keeping everything under lock and key and then feeding the key to a dog and then keeping the dog on one of three semi-trucks that remain in constant movement. No one knows anything about it other than the massive cast and the main story, and the Russo brothers want to keep it that way, even past April 27.

As the cast and crew kick off the press tour to promote the movie they will be showing bits and pieces to audiences around the world – but not the whole movie. As a way of keeping the secrets, well, secret, director Joe Russo and Anthony Russo have posted a social media a letter telling folks who see the movie to keep quiet, lest they seek the wrath of Thanos.


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We’ve gotten a fair amount of footage teasing the movie’s tone and sense of scope, to the point where we can determine the basic story structure. But everything else is Area 51-level confidential, as the movie will no doubt feature death and destruction. The better way to describe it came from Robert Downey Jr. when he said this is a “heads-will-roll scenario.”

Honestly, I can’t imagine being the kind of ass who would spoil a movie like this. That would truly be the act of a sick individual. It’s a shame there will be some people out there who will take to comment boards and spoil stuff, even after pre-shows on April 26. Like the Russos, we here at JoBlo ask you to keep your mouths shut if you get to see some new, major, spoiler-y stuff (at least without ample warning) before everyone else, or if you see the movie at a pre-show before most see on opening weekend. Several people who work here have met Liam Neeson, and we aren’t above calling in a few favors, if you know what I mean.

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR arrives April 27.



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